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About OraJaii

Orajaii Sensations LLC. Founder & CEO Jazmyne Crockett. The world we live in today is full of journeys' to follow. The journey I desire to pursue is helping individuals with the ability to relax & heal the mind, body and spirit.

OraJaii Sensations started back in 2018, living with a friend and struggling to pay my half of the bills. Getting out of the shower one day and noticing the callus buildup on my heel, not having any money nor a ride to get a pedicure, something had to give! At that moment, I went into the kitchen, grabbed our regular "ol" sugar, olive oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil. Mixing everything together, I created my first exfoliation scrub. Although, it was poorly made, my feet felt the best they had in 3-4 months. The next morning I decided to do research on exfoliation scrubs and how I can better perfect my craft. Then I found myself looking into aromatherapy and how different herbs can benefit the body. Through my many years of study and practice, my end goal is to take my clients mind off their everyday hard aches by relaxing their mind body & spirit with the power of meditation & relaxation with OraJaiis' handmade products. Allowing them to relax within their own mind and observing their thoughts from a bystanders point of view. Healing the natural organic way!

"ORA" My Guardian Angel